Tuscan Herb Salt Blends

Fresh herb salts are the backbone of good Tuscan cooking. I grew up in a kitchen always fragrant with the smell of rosemary, sage, and garlic. A pinch of these herbs mixed with simple Mediterranean sea salt transforms simple meals into something special for the family. In fact, recently a friend stopped by my house and said the smell of my kitchen brought her back to her trip to Italy. I feel that way everyday.

Leaving Tuscany, I searched for these salts in local stores, but could not find anything similar. I started to make my own salts for my family and shared my recipe with friends turning their children (formerly veggie-haters) into brussel sprout/broccoli/cauliflower loving maniacs. These salts are the solution for busy people looking to serve a tasty meal with minimal hassle.

Over the course of the last several years, I have shared my salts with people who took my cooking classes. I’d give small jars as gifts and soon they would ask for more! They were used to salts being made of dried herbs that did not carry the same aromatic power as my blends. Once they got a taste of them, they never wanted to go back to dried herb spices. I love watching people enjoy this simple concept. That’s why I started Cucina Caterina.

With Cucina Caterina, I wanted to combine the power of the “old world cooking” I learned as a child with the freshness of local herbs and produce. My idea was to carry simple Tuscan cooking methods forward by using locally sourced ingredients. I have gotten a lot of support from local farms, specialty shops and vendors who have helped me realize this vision. Thanks to all of you who have helped me take this from a concept to a reality!

While the salts are exceptionally easy to use, most of my friends weren’t sure how to use them in their daily cooking. Check out these videos which will give you some ideas: